Miami Movers

Miami Movers

Don’t Make The Following Mistakes When Hiring Miami Movers:

Mistake #1: Spending too much time focusing on too many different movers. Keep your scope of focus narrow; in fact, consumer experts suggest that a short list of 3 prospects is the right place to start. Wasting resources chasing information on too many different agencies can put a strain on your schedule. Make Miami Movers a part of your short list when looking at movers in the greater Miami area. If you’d like a free estimate for your upcoming move, feel free to call 315-217-6005.

Mistake #2: Not asking enough questions during the interview. Hiring Miami movers is not much different from hiring another professional agency to perform a service. The more you know about the agency and its staff, the better position you’ll find yourself in when it comes time to hire one for the job. You’ll want to find out whether the price estimate you received is an all-inclusive price, and whether you can get it in writing. Make certain your prospective agency offers the services you’re looking for. Ask about packing, supplies, storage, and any other relocation service you require. At Miami Movers, you’ll find a full line of services from start to finish, all designed to meet the needs of every client.

Mistake #3: Agreeing to payment ahead of the move. If your moving company asks you for anything more than an insignificant down payment to secure your move, walk away. Once your movers have the full balance in their hands, anything can happen- including a no-show on the big day. Before you release payment to your moving company, inspect your possessions, or have them inspected by someone at the destination location if you can’t be there in person. If your belongings did not arrive in the same condition they were in when they left your original location, do not release payment until the damages have been documented and the company tells you what they’re planning on doing to make amends.

Mistake #4: Letting a third-party driver transport your possessions. Your contract is with your mover, not a third-party driver. Under no circumstances should you allow your Miami movers to turn your items over to a driver from another company- they could end up in transit for an untold amount of time, become lost, damaged, or mishandled. Ask your prospective Miami movers if your belongings will be loaded, transported, and unloaded by the same dedicated team.

Call Miami Movers at 315-217-6005 to inquire about a shipping quote and services offered. If you’re in need of a local or long-distance relocation, professional packing, long or short term storage, or any additional service, their experts can help you organize your move so you can experience a hassle-free move from start to finish. Don’t take chances when it comes to your move- there are too many less than reputable movers in Miami looking to gain your business without having earned it to begin with.

Miami Movers
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