Residential Movers Orlando

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Residential Movers Orlando

With over 33 years of experience, Advanced Moving Service is one of the leading Residential Movers in Orlando with a professional staff team and state of the art equipment. Here are the top 5 reasons for why you must hire experienced residential movers in Orlando, FL:

  1. License and insurance – Experienced and professional movers will possess all the pre-requisite licenses and insurances to offer packing and moving services in your state. They will know the best way to handle different types of appliances and valuable belongings, thereby minimizing the chances for breakage and mishaps to Zero. In case of accidental damages, they will have the insurance to cover you for your losses. Also, an experienced firm will have workers compensation insurance for all its employees, which will cover for on-the-job injuries of the employees, if any.
  2. Cost-efficient – If you are wondering whether it is worth to pay money to a moving company in Orlando, FL, the answer is a solid yes. Experienced movers own professional equipment that helps lift and move your personal belongings safely and easily. Unless you’re a frequent mover yourself, you may not be an expert at packing and shifting, and you may end up making some very costly mistakes. Most homeowners who try to move on their own lose more money in fuel, wrecking, breaking, losing stuff, and other incidental costs. An experienced moving company can move your stuff in an efficient, professional, and quick fashion and can save you a ton of time and money.
  3. Safe and professional moving – Experienced Orlando FL residential movers not only possess the right equipment and heavy-duty vehicles for the job but also employ trained and certified staff for the job. These movers not only possess the stamina and ability to carefully lift and move your belongings from your apartment or house to a truck but also know how to handle different materials optimally. They will use the appropriate types of packaging materials to safeguard your valuables, such as glass articles, precious canvases, vintage goods, antiques, wooden furniture, electronics, etc. All of this ensures the safe and secure moving of your personal belongings and appliances to your new residence.
  4. Less hassle and stress – When you entrust your local and long-distance moving to the hands of experienced business, you can focus on packing just your clothes, personal care essentials, and hand luggage. This way, you can have a more relaxed, enjoyable, and stress-free moving experience.
  5. Friendly customer services – When you work with an expert Orland FL movers, they will follow a standard protocol with packing and residential moving. They will call you in advance, make appointments for packing and moving, foresee potential delays, and take measures to prevent them. They will also have a secure billing and payment approach and provide you with the best customer support. 

Contact Advanced Moving Service at (407) 880-4515 to discuss your needs or to receive a free quotation. We are the best Residential Movers in Orlando with hundreds of positive reviews to vouch for the quality of our services, timeliness, and staff efficiency.

Residential Movers Orlando
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