Used shipping containers for sale Ireland

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Used shipping containers for sale Ireland

A quick shipping container pricing guide will help you narrow down the search for an excellent container and seller. You will learn the various aspects that impact the shipment cost and how you can navigate the purchase for increased reduction fees.

How much does a 40 feet container cost? A beginner can start by understanding that a twenty-foot shipping container costs about $2000 while a forty foot one values at $2200. Generally, the value of the container depends on more than the size, and include factors such as the delivery fee, condition, and age.

What is the price of a used shipping container

Factors affecting the cost of buying used shipping containers for sale in Ireland?


Some containers carry only one cargo from the original location and retire at the destination. A single-trip container has minor signs of wear and generally classifies as a new container by most industry standards.

These containers have a high price tag and long lifespans than used containers that have a longer life at sea. You, however, do not have to find single-trip classifications if you want a strong and minimally damaged container. Pay a visit to our storage facility in Ireland to have a firsthand encounter with our containers. Here is how you can identify the state of the container:

  • A specified label that marks it as a retired container
  • Loose floorboards
  • Rust and dents
  • Reviews about the seller on platforms like the Better Business Bureau
  • Doors that open and close with ease

Size of the container

What size shipping containers can you buy? You can choose between a high cube container or a standard one by evaluating the measurements. Standard sized containers have a horizontal dimension of eight feet by eight feet and a height of six feet. These containers are available as twenty footers of forty footers and usually have an ISO standard to indicate consistency, safety, and quality.

A high-cube container has horizontal dimensions of nine feet and a six-foot height. Some suppliers have wider ones that are ten feet in length and include an additional fee to cover the custom sizing.

Delivery fees

This cost is important because it determines how much you have to pay for special permits. Used shipping containers for sale in Ireland will be costly for a buyer who is not within the country. This case is because you will cover inflated shipping costs and custom authorization within your country.

Most sellers have a flat shipping fee for locations within a set radius. Rush orders will incur extra costs to cater to the accelerated processing service.

The seller’s standards

You have to find a suitable container seller after finding the right container for the job. Avoid using a sales broker because they will increase the purchase value by at least thirty-five percent. Buying directly from The Container Yard means you will not endure the pressure of handling an agent or the exceedingly high fees that will affect the entire purchase process.

Our maintenance team conducts formal inspections before adding Used shipping containers for sale to the yard. You can make an online purchase with confidence that you will receive the exact new and used shipping containers for sale on the site.


Used shipping containers for sale Ireland