How much does it cost to move the piano in Miami Beach, Florida?

Find out what it will cost you to move your piano. How much does it cost to move the piano in Miami Beach, Florida? What is the average cost to move a piano with the help of piano movers and the cost to move an individual piano by yourself?

Be aware of the total piano moving expenses if you want to make a more informed decision. The information in this article will help you understand the elements that influence piano moving costs. You can also determine the budget you’ll need on your next move.

Do I need a Piano Mover?

The simple answer is yes. The majority of pianos can be difficult to transport and awkward to move. If you attempt to move the piano without the right tools and experience, it could cause injuries to yourself and damage the piano and even your home.

A reliable moving company has the knowledge and equipment to address specific problems and differences in moving your piano. Some moving companies can provide piano moving services for between 30 to 50% less.

Professional piano moving companies are specially trained and equipped to effectively and safely manage various pianos. Further, the safety aspect could be an acceptable extra cost, especially if you’re moving a pricey or unusual, or essential piano.

How much does it cost to move the piano in Miami Beach, Florida (Average cost)?

Costs of Moving Pianos (How Much will it cost you?)

Cost for assortment (Complete) $150-$5,000.

Cost per hour: $10 to $100$

Local move: $ 1.40$ 2.40 per mile or about 350-$1,000 in total.

Long-distance travel Long-distance move: $2.50 to 10$ per mile, or $750 – $3500 in total.

Moving to the other side of the world (Overseas move): $2,000-$5,000.

Upright piano: $150-$300 Regional; $1,000 for long-distance.

Grand piano Piano: $200-$1500 for local. $2,000 for long-distance.


Moving can be stressful; however, moving a large, expensive, and fragile piece of equipment can add stress to the entire process. While you can move other expensive or heavy items by yourself, moving the piano requires a special transfer method and equipment to ensure that your piano isn’t damaged, injured, or damaged when being transported.

The things/considerations that affect the piano’s moving Costs

The type, weight, and dimensions of the piano.

The heavier pianos and larger the piano musical instruments, the more it will cost to transport them from Point A to Point B, precisely because they will need additional movers, specialized equipment, additional packing products, and partial disassembly tools to ensure a risk-free transport.

Moving a beloved instrument or a grand piano will cost you more because of its huge dimension and unique style, making it difficult to move around your home.

Spinet pianos are the smallest upright pianos offered and weigh between 300-400 pounds, thus making them cheaper to move as compared with their other counterparts.

The largest upright pianos can be between 600 extra pounds and 9,000 additional pounds, hence can cost more.

Grand piano

Grand pianos differ in their appearance and design. They are evaluated from 600 extra pounds up to 1,200 pounds.

For an accurate piano cost estimate for moving, It is crucial to be familiar with the exact layout of your piano and measurements. Therefore, take the measuring strip and begin to use it.

Upright piano

When you’re using an upright or grand piano, you’ll need to know the dimensions of the piano by observing the keyboard’s best position towards the bow. If you’re playing for the first time on an upright piano, you’ll need to determine the floor-to-lid height. The general scenario of the smaller grand pianos is close to 6 feet in length, while the concert grand pianos can extend up to 8 feet in length.

Suppose you and your professional piano movers have this necessary information. Your movers can finally give you an exact piano moving estimate to ensure that you don’t have to pay for unplanned charges when the move is completed.

Move distance

It is vital to understand that the price of moving the piano across the nation or country is directly influenced by the distance you’ll need to travel.

Regarding its rate, there’s a huge difference in the cost of transporting your piano across the city or to another region or community within the same region, or in the same area to different long-distance places within the country.

The piano moving company will rack up substantial expenses (time and fuel, wear and tear, etc. from the pickup truck or specially-equipped trucks) to transport the piano 30 miles, 300 miles, and even 3000 miles across the nation. (Typically, Piano Movers use the 10′-17′ truck or a 20′ to 26′ Truck.) The longer the distance move distance and the longer travel duration, the more costly the piano moving expenses could be.

Things/situations that may hamper you on your moving day

Be aware that any obstacles you or your piano movers must overcome during the moving day will add to the costs of the piano moving by a substantial amount. This is common, considering that hired movers must certainly put in an additional effort and time to move the massive musical instrument away from your home and protect it from irreparable damage or accidental damage (Incase this happens).

Stairways are the most important thing to consider when moving your piano. The length of stairs can result in higher costs for piano moving. Most piano movers charge additional costs if they have to move your piano across the steps or on the stairs. They typically charge from $5 to $10 for each step, ranging from $50 to $101 for stairs (tour away from staircases).

Many barriers that cause it to be more expensive to have an expensive piano moving expense within your budget could impact your total costs due to tight corners, tight spaces, and even shut doors. Also, if the path going from your home towards the moving truck is difficult to navigate over (rocks, dust, grass, and much more. ), Consider giving suggestions to your movers to make up for the inconvenience (This can lessen the costs).

Additional professional piano movers cost factors.

Here’s a list of additional cost factors to increase the general piano movement rate.

Partial disassembly

It might be necessary that your grand piano be dismantled in order to remove it from the house in the most effective method. Expert piano movers will typically demand around $100 to take away the piano’s legs, pedal box, rack, etc.


If you have a prized piano and want it secure before the move. One of the most secure and safest ways to move a high-value piano is to move it inside a custom-designed wood crating. The piano crating prices start at $800 but can quickly go as high as $1,000.

Raising (Lifter)

In narrow corridors, doors, or stairways, a piano may require to be lifted away from the balcony or home windows with specially designed lifting equipment. The price could range from $700 to $1,000 for this particular company.

Moving emergencies

The final thing you long for is an emergency move. If there is an emergency, the move of your piano is likely to cost much more than the typical piano moving price. If you’re planning a final-minute piano move, be ready to shell out an additional $300 to cover an in-area move and a fee of $400-$600 for the long-distance relocation.


Professional piano movers must provide your move with adequate insurance at no more than $5,000. Certain professional piano movers offer cartage insurance to cover this. (So it is recommended to inquire your movers about any insurance coverage or any available types of insurance).

The cost of insurance may differ. If you decide to purchase the additional insurance, expect to be charged approximately $15 per $1,000 of the price of the value of your musical instrument. But don’t fret; this extra insurance will benefit you if any unexpected damages happen to any of your valuable instruments during your move.

Note: Some moving companies may not offer you such insurance at all.


In most cases, the case, your beloved instrument or piano will require tuning after moving because of the surprises and the resulting vibrations in the course of its travel. Additionally, the environment (specifical humidity) within the new home may also affect the tuning. In general, piano movers have special equipment to do this. If you decide to avail of this service, these may require equipment charges. Plan to pay around 100$-$150 for the post-move piano service.

What’s the cost of hiring a specialist piano mover?

The nationwide average cost variety of tapping the services of a professional moving company is $300 to $1,000. However, it is likely that the total cost of relocating the piano could range from $150to $5,000 and is contingent on a range of factors. A piano moving service will consider these factors when calculating their costs and will be paid either on an hourly or flat basis.


The hourly prices for moving services can vary from $10-100$ per hour, based on your location. The companies that utilize this cost structure will usually give you an estimate of the time required and resources they plan to utilize to complete the move. Moving the piano within the non-urban area of Nebraska will likely be more affordable than in the Nyc Metropolitan area, for instance. Other factors include how much the company will need, either a single or a team or whether it is included in the price of the moving equipment. Other equipment utilized during the move could also be charged hourly, so be aware of this.


Piano moving firms often utilize flat-rate costs. Flat-Rate typically includes the entire cost of moving, including proper equipment charges, supplemental insurance and costs for every type of instrument, consolidated freight services, extra services, tuning services, costs for all dimensions of the piano, as well as the costs of the move up and down the flight of stairs, other major factors, packing materials and the hump straps, workers, storage units as well as any additional items needed for your moving. In contrast to providing a one-price estimate (an educated guess, but an estimate at the minimum) of the cost of moving, flat-rate costs allow you to determine precisely what the move will cost before the move.

Choose a Professional Moving Company

If you are deciding, choose the one that provides piano moving services that can (Depending on your need) handle a small upright piano, moving piano either upstairs or downstairs, do piano removal, do urgent jobs, uses an efficient moving truck and a heated crating that can take care of vertical pianos, have a team of professional movers with proper training and a climate-controlled facility, and offers a flat-rate fee, can manage a baby grand piano, other large instruments such as. It is also crucial to think about their capability to transport a piano in a local area, to move an entire grand piano long distance, or if they provide piano tuning or not.

It is recommended that you research the company before you purchase. You can read customers’ previous reviews to get an idea of how piano movers charge, how they react when their weight or dimensions rise, how they deal with music racks or any piano type, how they move piano locally, etc.

A reputable piano moving firm like Big Mikes Miami Movers Co. offers these services. If you choose to use their services, you will pay less than the average cost. In addition to the services mentioned above, they can transport the upright piano, do long-distance relocations, secure your piano board, provide moving blankets, skid boards, and a flat-rate fee. They can provide a three-hour minimum travel time (For shorter travel only). You may reach them at, or visit them at 401-407 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, or call them at 786-652-9320.


Several factors could affect the overall costs of your piano moving. The weight, the piano type, their form, and the difficulty of the move may affect the overall costs. Thus it is important to allow your chosen company to evaluate the situation first and get an estimate.

The piano moving costs can vary by the magnitude that you are moving, as well as the model that you have for your piano (upright as well as a grand piano, concert grand piano or infant grand piano, etc.) as well as the needed piano transport equipment, piano moving insurance and delivery charges, piano removalists, how you will tip piano movers, the difficulty of moving upstairs and additional piano moving costs. Therefore, it’s important to keep in touch the details with your piano moving company since most companies provide free estimates or quotations for the total cost (Don’t forget to inquire about the cost of any additional costs). So you’ll stay clear of any unanticipated piano moving costs.

Moving piano services are also charged according to a flat rate or hourly.

Tips: When deciding, do some research and look at the nation’s average cost of the piano moving costs to better understand whether the quote is too expensive or just enough.

If you are still worried, employing professional piano movers is always the best way to ensure that your piano is in good condition and safe during transport. A piano moving service from a professional piano mover usually offers piano moving equipment that will ensure secure long-distance moves or even local moves.