What Makes Miami so great

Miami Beach, one of the most visited beaches in the world, is the lower part of Florida. This tourist attraction southern part was developed around 1900. It is famous for its Art Deco, Cuban influences, supermodels and beach bums. The architecture is stunning, Miami Beach owns the largest collection of Streamline Art Deco design in the world, although many of the buildings have been demolished or are crumbling. Fortunately, this lovely area is growing in popularity and is, therefore, being restored.


The Strip

Ocean Drive is what makes Miami so great and separates the long crispy white beaches and crystalline waters of South Beach from ‘the strip’. The pastel colored cityscape is touristic, but if you sit back and relax you will enjoy the show and easily get in the right mood. The strip is filled with boutique hotels, expensive high-rise blocks of modern apartments, restaurants, bars and clubs.

The Miami Beach often tops the list when many people name their favorite South Florida beaches. This is where many movers and shakers go when they want to be noticed. Even the beachwear and sunglasses that people wear on the beach bear the names of high-end designers. A trip along Ocean Drive will let you enjoy the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of this eclectic, upscale town.


Fashionable Shopping, Cocktails and Fancy Dinners

There’s always something to do in Miami Beach. Go to the beach to watch scantily clad woman and toned man showing their muscles in strongmen competitions. Take advantage of fashionable shopping. Stay in one of the glamorous art deco hotels. Try the authentic Cuban cuisine or taste the fresh seafood at one of America’s gourmet hotspots. Sip a Mojito or a Cuba Libre while you watch the sunset and the colorful crowds walk by. Dance the night away with famous rock stars and supermodels in world famous clubs or listen to the sounds of Spanish music at the beach together with the sun worshipers. These are some of the things that make Miami so great.


Best Clubbing

Miami Beach replaced Los Angeles and New York City as America’s most popular nightlife spot, according to The New Times and GQ. Every season is a party season in South Beach. It is hard to choose where to go since there are 150 clubs, bars, and lounges. So you can dance the night away with famous rock stars and supermodels in one of the world famous clubs. Clubs stay open late into the night up to 5 in the morning, but the entry fees are high, and it is hard to get in. However, it is always worth a try.


Palm-Studded Promenade

Miami Beach’s promenade is a very famous and superb location for photo shoots and fashion events. You will recognize the palm-studded background from many magazines like Sports Illustrated. People here show off their stylish and physical appearance, whatever they look like. Enjoy South Beach!


There are dozens of other Florida beaches that you can enjoy in the Sunshine State. Each one has its unique charm and attractions so you might need to do a little research before you make those reservations. If you are adventurous enough to cast caution to the winds, you can just make a list of each Miami Florida beach that is located along your route and tries them all out. One thing for sure, you will not be disappointed no matter where you travels, and curiosity should take you.

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