Miami is a Multi Cultural Utopia?


Miami, FL – to the unadventurous, this city is nothing but a seaport on the south of Florida, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. To those that know a little more about the city, you will agree that it has more than just geographical importance. Miami is a Multi-Cultural Utopia for sure.
The city was ranked 7th in the US back in 2010 regarding education, fashion, finance, entertainment culture, which will be the focal point of this article. Let us begin easy by asking the all-too-important question, is Miami a multicultural Utopia? There is no better way to answer that question than delving into the finer details about this city that makes it referred to as a cultural hub in the United States.

Mixed Races

Miami boasts a rich history of people from various races, some of whom have been living in the city for hundreds of years. These people have interacted with one another and have their cultures intertwined.

A casual glimpse around the neighborhoods will reveal plenty of Caribbean, West African as well as Southern roots, with some Latin flavor. Whether you are an African American, a Native American, a Jew or a Hispanic, always think of Miami as a home far away from home.

There are very few cities, if any, where such kinds of racial tolerance exist, where people can interact without asking what the other person is up to or looks like, and Miami has proven to be exemplary in this regard.

These people may have been drawn by the prospects of the warm climate or a brighter future, but it is their peaceful interaction with one another that went on to give this city this kind of coveted definition.

The Events

There is no better way to depict the cultural heritage of a city than look at the events it hosts and Miami does not disappoint. The Miami calendar is a cultural one. Various events are held individually for the different ethnic groups in the city such as The Annual Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural event that is predominantly a Hispanic affair and the Latin Festival which is widely graced by Latinos.

Aside from these ethnic-specific events, there are plenty more that are organized by corporates, civil society groups or even the locals themselves, which are usually a fair representation of the varied ethnic compositions in the city.

You can pop your Champagne as you dance away to the electric rock bands at the Florida Juneteenth Fest, or you can take some time to enlighten yourself about the historical significance of this city by gracing events such as the Cultural Arts Literacy Initiative Workshop. What About the Cuisines The last point that could be used to describe Miami as a multicultural Utopia is the cuisine. Let’s face it, how many of us have traveled to different cities around the world and felt at ease sampling the local dishes? The truth of the matter is, once you are a hundred miles away from your home, you begin taking very great concern at what you are served. Once again, Miami is the exception to this rule. While various restaurants in the city serve dishes for specific ethnic groups such as the Casa Juancho for Latinos, there are plenty of eateries that cater to both races. In a nutshell, your favorite African, Jewish, Cuban or Hispanic dish might just be available in almost every diner you step into. Is there a better way of making everyone feel at home? Of course, there isn’t. Next time you plan to travel to the city of multicultural Utopia, you need not worry about how the locals will receive you because, by all indications, Miami could just be the 21st Century cradle for mankind.

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